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Alternative Programs for Youths and Families, offers safe, comfortable placements within our home, offering all of the comforts of a home away from home. Many families who provide care for a loved one with a mental or physical disability, often don't know where to turn when they need a break, or have personal commitments that prevent them from providing care.   

We offer short or long term care, when you are unable to care for yourself or your loved one.  

Examples include :

- An individual who has been discharged from hospital, but is  unable to live independently at home until they are more fully recovered.  

- Care for persons whose primary caregiver is away on vacation or unable to help for a variety of reasons.

- Persons awaiting placement into a long term care facility, who can no longer live safely at home.

Our site meets all building and fire codes in addition to possessing safety requirements to ensure your family member's safety.  We assist with the functions of daily living, including meal preparation, companionship, transportation and personal grooming.

 Residential Respite Services - for Adults and Youth

As diagnosis of developmental disabilities increases within our county, so does the need for greater supports for those caring for family members with special needs.  APFYF strives to provide services to meet the needs of ALL families living within our community.  Residential respite services are necessary and essential for both the care giver / parents and the participants, enabling all parties healthy independence within a supportive environment.

Our respite site offers comfortable, safe respite placement staffed by skilled, experienced and educated personnel ensuring a respectful and supportive environment for participants during their stay.  Our sites are accessible at all times by family members who wish to visit their loved one during respite or simply want to check in with staff.