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Services for Persons with Disabilities


Residential Respite Services-Adult and Youth Services

As diagnosis of developmental disabilities increases within our county so does the need for greater supports for those caring for family members with special needs. Alternative Programs for Youth and Families, Inc strives to provide services to meet the needs of ALL family’s living within our community. Residential respite services are necessary and essential for both the care giver/parents and the participants enabling all parties healthy independence within a supportive environment.

Residential Respite Services are available for persons (youth or adults) with developmental disabilities. Alternative Programs for Youth and Families, Inc. offers comfortable, safe respite placements within family homes staffed by skilled, experienced and educated personnel ensuring a safe, respectful and supportive environment for participants during their stay. Our sites are accessible at all times by family members who wish to visit their loved one during respite or simply want to check in with staff.

Community Based Respite and Skill Development-Adult and Youth Services

Alternative Programs for Youth and Families, Inc offers in home/community respite and support in an effort to assist in reducing parental stress, preventing crisis and enhancing care for the caretaker. Our Team Members will come to participant homes over night or provide daily respite. Whether the need is two respite hours or eight respite hours our Team Members are able to assist families. Qualified Team Members will ensure participant safety, supervision, care, support of established in home behavior plans, structures and routines.

Life Skills Support Program

Our Life Skills Support Program assists participants in accessing appropriate social opportunities, and the acquisition of skills through experiential learning. These skills may include however are not limited to life skills (grocery shopping, basic banking and money management, cooking, cleaning ), social skills (conversation skills etc.), pre employment skills and exposure to experiences whereby coping skills can be developed to assist in decreasing participant anxieties.